Volunteers and students are welcome to propose their own research ideas.

We will gladly assist you with the planning and preparation of suitable project ideas, proposals and field work.

Your projects can focus on any topic around botany, zoology, ecology and environmental management.

Species found in the area are amongst others leopard, hyena, baboons and vervet monkeys, samango monkey, lesser and greater bush baby, warthog, bushpig, porcupine, several antelope species including bushbuck and red duiker, zebra, meso carnivores such as honeybadger, genet and civet and of course small mammals, reptiles, amphibians as well as plenty of bird and bat species. Also check out NEWS for latest updates.

Some research/thesis ideas:

Samango monkey habituation (ongoing)

Fruitbat seed dispersal (ongoing)

Mountain Zebra home range and habitat use

Civet, genet or porcupine etc seed dispersal

Artificial bat roosts

Insectivorous bat and/or rodent and shrew response to disturbed areas compared to natural vegetation

Use of marking trees by mammals such as bushpig and leopard (ongoing)

Cape clawless otter and watermangoose distribution and habitat partitioning (ongoing)

Altitudinal studies/transects (ongoing)



Removing alien/invasive plants

​Flora- and fauna species lists

Herbarium/ Adding to the seed library

Vegetation/Trail mapping


Please contact us with your ideas and queries.

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